We participate to the national Datalyse project financed within the Investissement d’Avenir call Cloud & Big Data (2012). The project started in May 2013. The goal of Datalyse is to provide models, algorithms and tools for Big Data Analytics applications. The project will be built taking into account three use cases, respectively, on Open Data analytics, retail data analysis (including an analysis of social network data referring to retail products), and monitoring data (for security, energy consumption etc.) collected in a data center. Datalyse will provide a a conceptual perspectives, and a library of software primitives based on these concepts, for storing, indexing, analyzing and refining various classes of Big Data. Thus, Datalyse results will enable easy and flexible construction of scalable Big Data analytics.

May, 2013 to April, 2016
Project Leader: 
Ioana Manolescu

Project Management: