Nautilus Analyzer

In short: 
A semi-automatic tool for data transformation validation in the analysis-fix-test cycle

When developing data transformations - a task omnipresent in applications like data integration, data migration, data cleaning, or scientific data processing - developers quickly face the need to verify the semantic correctness of the transformation. Declarative specifications of data transformations, e.g., SQL or ETL tools, increase developer productivity but usually provide limited or no means for inspection or debugging. In this situation, developers today have no choice but to manually analyze the transformation and, in case of an error, to (repeatedly) fix and test the transformation.
The goal of the Nautilus project is to semi-automatically support this analysis-fix-test cycle. The first component, the Nautilus Analyzer, focuses on one main component of Nautilus that helps developers in understanding and debugging their data transformations. More specifically, our prototype allows to analyze SQL queries with the help of why- and why-not provenance algorithms.
We develop Nautilus Analyzer as an Eclipse Plugin that easily fits in a developer's environment. Research on Nautilus is partially funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung Eliteprogramm für Postdoktoranden) and is a shared project with the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Mélanie Herschel