Web Services - DIAgnosability, MONitoring and Diagnosis

Ws-Diamond, Web Services - DIAgnosability, Monitoring and Diagnosis is a project of the Sixth Framework Programme Priority2 - Information Society Technologies. It’s a Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project. Self-healing software is one of the challenges for IST research. This project aims to take a step in this direction by developing a framework for self-healing Web Services. The project will produce (1) an operational framework for self-healing service execution of conversationally complex Web Services, where monitoring, detection and diagnosis of anomalous situations, due to functional or non-functional errors (e.g., Quality of Service) is carried on and repair/reconfiguration is performed, thus guaranteeing reliability and availability of Web Services; (2) a methodology and tools for service design that guarantee effective and efficient diagnosability/repairability during execution; (3) demonstration of these results on real applications.

Project Type:

October, 2005 to June, 2008
Project Leader: 
Philippe Dague

Project Management: