Physical address of the building
Université Paris-Sud 11, Bâtiment 650 (PCRI),
Rue Noetzlin, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Mail address (different!)
Université Paris-Sud 11, Bâtiment 650 (PCRI),
91405 Orsay Cedex, France

Team Leader
name: Bogdan Cautis or Nathalie Pernelle
phone: +33 1 69 15 70 87

Une vue du PCRI - batiment sud

From the Le Guichet station to the “PCRI” by bus.
You must take the bus 269-02. The bus schedules are available here (or looking up “bus 269-02 Orsay”). Get off at “IUT – Pôle d’ingénierie” (first stop). The bus ride is 4 minutes. There are no buses on week-ends, and they tend to be rare outside peak hours.

From the Le Guichet station to the “PCRI” on foot.
Coming from Paris, start by crossing the rails by the underground pass. Then, take Rue de Versailles (perpendicular to the rails) in front of the train station for two blocks. Turn left in Rue de la Colline, which goes up hill. When you reach the end of that street (almost at the top), continue right in Chemin du Bois des Rames. Keep going on that direction into Rue Nicolas Appert. Turn left in Rue d’Arsonval and continue until joining Rue Noetzlin. The nearest bus station is “Moulon“. Assume 25-30 minutes walk depending on your walking speed.