The objective of the GEONTO project was to make data in the geographic domain interoperate. We fo- cused on two main goals. On one hand, we aimed at integrating heterogeneous geographic databases using schema matching techniques.


DocFlow was a research project supported by the ANR Masses de données (2007-2009) with the Distrib- com team at INRIA-Rennes and the Méthodes Formelles group at Labri-Bordeaux. The topic was the anal- ysis, monitoring, and optimization of Web documents and services. It builds on Active XML, a formalism for data exchange across peers developed by Gemo.


The project addresses the problem of P2P data sharing for online communities, by offering a high-level network ring across distributed data source owners. Users may be in high numbers and in different kinds of collaboration and sharing their knowledge, ideas, experiences, etc. Data sources can be in high numbers, fairly autonomous, i.e.


DataBridges is an ICT Labs/ANR activity, within the KIC application area
Digital cities. It has been funded by the EIT as a "catalyst" to other activities of our group, and has led furthermore to national funding through the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.


This one-year ANR grant concerns our research on cloud-based data man- agement, in particular XML data. We have studied strategies for indexing XML content in a cloud-environnement and built a prototype to test them.


Codex – Efficiency, Dynamicity and Composition for XML: Models, Algorithms and Systems – is a research project supported by the ANR Domaines Emergents call. The project studies optimization, distributed processing and coordination, and adaptation techniques to cope with XML document dynamicity.


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