The project gathers together industrial and academic partners to promote innovative and robust tech- nologies that could significantly increase spacecraft autonomy. It addresses the model-based Fault De- tection, Identification and Recovery (FDIR) challenges for G&C (Guidance and Control).


The ThinkStraight start-up had identified an interesting data forensic problem in the specialized context of financial (accounting) data. The project allowed us to analyze the scientific questions raised by their problem, which we found novel, and draw a state of the art of the two closest areas, namely data cleaning and data quality analysis.


In PICSEL 3, the mediation architecture of the information integration system is hybrid. The mediator also integrates a local data warehouse which contains data given by content providers. These data are conform to the mediator schema represented in RDFS+ language (RDFS extended by a fragment of OWL-DL). The data warehouse was progressively enriched by external data.


The purpose of MediaD was to investigate distributed reasoning in a peer-to-peer setting.


HEDI, for Heterogeneous Electronic Data Integration, is a collaboration agreement between Gemo team of INRIA Saclay and Thales Corporate Services started in September 2009. This project aimed at designing a data reconciliation tool for electronic component descriptions.


A collaboration has been initiated with the DataPublica start-up and the Zenith INRIA team (ex-ATLAS) from Montpellier. DataPublica aims at drawing up a catalog of the public data sources of the french domain, and in particular those produced by public administration, mostly in Excel files.


This collaboration with the DataPublica start-up brings new applications concerned with Linked Data. Data produced and made public by numerous public administration offices (in France, Europe, and the world) opens many perspectives for integrating, analyzing, and combining data sources into added-value information sources.

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