Title Short_Description
CliqueSquare CliqueSquare
CQAPri Consistent Query Answering with Priorities
PigReuse Two platform for specifying and exploiting warehouses of RDF data
SAKey Scalable Tool For Almost Key Discovery in RDF Data
SAUPODOC Semantic Annotation Using Population of Ontology and Definition of Classes
VICKEY Mining Conditional Keys on Knowledge Bases
Active XML Declarative specification of web applications
Acware A Content Storate System
AlignViz A tool for the visualization of mappings between ontologies.
AMADA Web Data Repositories in the Amazon Cloud
AnnoVip A tool for editing and managing annotated XML documents in a peer-to-peer setting
cTuning Public repository and tools for collaborative and statistical program and architecture characterization and optimization
EAP Framework A pattern-based framework for designing adaptation strategies in Hypermedia Systems
FactMinder A browser (Chrome) extension targeted at online fact checkers and data journalists
Glucose The SAT solver that looks for glue clauses
GUNSAT A greedy local search algorithm for unsatisfiability
KadoP Peer-To-Peer XML indexing et querying
KD2R OWL2 key discovery on RDF datasets
LiquidXML A self-tuning P2P system for distributing XML content
LN2R-LT A logical method and a numerical method for reference reconciliation
MESAM A plug-in for Protege 2000 for merging generic and specific models.
Nautilus Analyzer A semi-automatic tool for data transformation validation in the analysis-fix-test cycle
OntoClass & OntoQuery Query Rewriting in terms of Views for Mediator
OptimAX A algebraic optimizer for Active XML
PAXQuery Massively Paralle Processing of XQueries
RDFViews Choosing suitable views to materialize for optimizing SPARQL workload response type using semantic information.
REISA Controlled Knowledge Base Enrichment from Web documents
SomeWhere A Peer-To-Peer Consequence Finder System
SomeWhere+ A paraconsistent Peer-To-Peer Consequence Finder System
SpyWhere A mapping generator between RDFS ontologies
TaxoMap Alignment A tool for taxonomy alignment
TaxoMap Refinement An environment to specify treatments to refine mappings and to enrich ontologies.
ULoad A manager for XML Views
ViP2P Views in peer-to-peer
WaRG Warehousing RDF Graphs
XPIOT A tool for handling Very Large XML documents
XRP The XR platform
XTAB2SML Ontology-based semantic annotations of tables
XupIn XML query-update independence tester
XupOp A general purpose type based optimizer for XML updates